Delivery to site

Each of the three wind turbines have oversized components;

  • Set of three blades - blade length is 25.2m but they only weighs 2.6 tonnes each
  • Tower base section (weight 37 tonnes, 21.8m long and 4.3m in diameter at the base)
  • Tower middle section (weight 22 tonnes, length 25.7m)
  • Tower top section (weight 15 tonnes, length 24.5 and only 1.49m in diameter at the top)
  • A generator, 4.5m diameter and weighing 16.5 tonnes

In addition, there is the top rear section of the nacelle and all three were loaded on a single semi trailer. Finally, six sea containers contain the transformers, switchgear and the lower rear farings of the nacelles were also trucked to site.

Sorry, no public access. Laying the builders black plastic. Rolling the soil replacement. Pouring the blinding. Delivering reinforcing steel for two turbine foundations. Basket weaving begins.
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