History 2005 and 2006

5/7/2005 Wind monitoring begins on Mt Barker Hill.

9/6/2006 SkyFarming held a successful stall at the Mt Barker Coop about the Mt Barker Community Windfarm, see right.

5/7/2006 Now have a full year of wind data on Mt Barker Hill.

29/8/2006 Photomontages have been developed for Mt Barker, here.

18/9/2006 Application for RRPG funding from SEDO sent in.

30/9/2006 SkyFarming held another information stall at the Mt Barker Coop. See the flyer here or download it here (pdf). A brief survey was also undertaken and the results are very positive.

3/10/2006 SkyFarming goes door to door surveying businesses on the main street and distributing an information flyer. Again, very positive results.

26/10/2006 Amendment to Town Planning Scheme for a windfarm in Mt Barker delivered to the Shire of Plantagenet Shire. download 4.5MB pdf here.

14/12/2006 Supporters meeting at the CWA hall, 5:30pm, 12 in attendance, 12 WARET cards signed.


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